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After a few months in UE4; this is my progress.


WASD - Movement

R - Unsheath sword

0 (zero) - Sheath sword

Q/E - Ochs stances Left & Right - Used for defense and counterattacking (Hold Q/E; LMB Down, drag mouse down/up*)

LMB - Hold and move mouse <- or -> to enter a swing. Release to, well, release the swing. you may adjust your swing while holding by moving the mouse up/down.

RMB - Currently only models low guards. Will be used in conjunction w/ drag mouse to knock an incoming attack to the side, and get ready to counter on LMB click. You may also hit Q/E to perform a Twerhau attack; knocking opponent's sword up and striking to the head. **

*Thrusting does not do damage atm.
**There are no hit/parry reaction animations in-game yet.


Anything. As long as it's something new I haven't mentioned here.

Give it to me uncensored. I need a to-do list and places to go get help. I'm a beginner with UE4.

Some things to get you into the mindset:

Sword swings only detect hits via linetraces fired from the hilt to the blade tip. This needs changing: I need to linetrace a few times from the blade edge towards the swing direction. I don't quite know how; any tutorials are much appreciated. AI will occasionally, if losing sight of you at a certain point in animation, be stuck in a loop where they lunge continuously. I think I know a fix for that one. GUI is a bit too hard to see but bottom-left there is a clock, and yes, it ticks according to the sun's position.

I am an architecture student. I took programming in high school so most of the high school-level stuff in this game is in C++ and the rest of the more experimental features are BP. I also just started animating this past month - Let me know what tips and tricks you use in Blender that you think might help me out here. Why I'm making this a thing? Pure curiosity. Can it be done? I'm trying to figure out ways to model binding and winding, hitting opponents with the pommel, and pushing/pulling/disarming opponents. Problem is I'm watching more HEMA videos than animation tutorials.


SwordGame_Sierra_WIP-7-5-2019.rar 950 MB
Jul 10, 2019

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