Back in Action!

New weapon coming soon!

To get packaging working, this update's knocked out the sun's movement.

Some new things added, transitions fleshed out, small adjustments. Zip file available for download.

Let me know how the game feels right now if you do it!

Stuff you'll get to play with as soon as I figure out how to make it:

+ Bows/Arrows!

+ Shields!

+ ^ Brings the need for shorter arming swords. One-handed animations.

+ Spears, staffs, axes, maces, war-hammers. Some animations may be used in more than one weapon, but these will all feel unique.

+ Armour

For the sake of balance, the amount of damage armour takes/negates will vary.  A full suit of armour won't much hinder agility, but you'll tire faster and you'll lose visibility. Somehow, I don't know.

Blunt objects (maces, war-hammers, blunt swords) will be very good at stunning armoured opponents and knocking everyone back.

Spears and Staffs of course will have range: but at a cost of exposing your weapon for the enemy to grab and pull you in with. Don't overextend for too long!

Long swords and arrows are precision weapons; they will be good at piercing armour. These are easily countered with shields.

Shields are a static block, sure, but flat round shields  r o t a t e  along the vertical axis when pushed. So they're good at blocking off an enemy's weapon, but leave you exposed for attacks on your weapon hand side. Be prepared to handle multiple attacks at once. Oh, and blunt instruments will break your board eventually.

Besides all this, I'll be working on Multiplayer in the future. once I've got bows implemented I'll work on projectile replication, and stuff. If you're good at networking and you'd like to help, let me know! It's a new subject for me and my summer's almost over.

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