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- Released: Interim update no. 01, Built at 11:30pm on 7-31-2019

Known Issues:

- LODs may fade in too early, resulting in a noticeable loss of detail on meshes closer than a few meters from the camera. Working on that.

- ENEMIES DON'T HAVE WEAPONS! Enjoy the freedom, next interim post is all about AI combat improvements and NPC vendors. :)

Planned Features

- Weapon slots, Inventory System; meshes visible on character, no HUD.

- Pickuppable Longswords; Arming swords, spears, bows, axes, sheilds.
- Combat transition from free-swinging to locked weapons, swords in the bind. "Binding & winding" favours quick reactions and perceptiveness of enemy sword movement.
- Longswords Roughed-in
- Bows being animated
- Sheilds; Arming swords; spears; axes; No progress
- Bind&Wind system being animated.

- Time of day cycles; random season-based weather; northern biome.
- Survival Aspects; regen health(?), bandaging, eating/drinking/resting, integration into cities w/ inns, hospitals, taverns, food markets, etc.
- Money/bartering system?
- NPC groups & behaviors;
IN-City; Farmers, Street vendors, Shop/Inn keeps.
OUT-City; Bandits, Raiders, Merchants, Travelers.

- Time of day being reworked;
Seasoned materials being built.
- Infrastructure and VS C++ character code ready for basic implementation. Survival system being built.
- NPC Animations for keeps,merchants, etc is N/A. Low Priority.


A series of ideas I've had out of boredom, packed into a zip file for you to play with.

After seeing the end of game of thrones I thought it would be pretty cool to make a game about surviving the north. Currently my assets are far from that look and feel, but my focus is on the core game play elements of fighting, hunting, and self-care. I'd love to add in snow and cold, campfires and alcohol. In the long run, this may be a game about setting up a successful town in the wilderness, or surviving in one. I know a lot about urban design and architectural design, and I think It'd be fun to create a living, self-sustaining town, using AI and resource goals/consumption. In the end, I aim to make this multiplayer, so that you can create and manage towns with your friends/strangers, fight other towns, or survive in the wild. or maybe this may end up being a territory control multiplayer game with NPCs.

Who knows.

Enjoy! Give as much feedback as you want. This is something I don't think I'm going to stop working on, but takes a lower priority than life. Progress will be slow.

H O W   T O   P L A Y

WASD/Space, standard movement.

Press right ALT to toggle between FPS and TPS cameras.

Hold Middle mouse button to reach out and pick something up.

click RMB to nock a bow. Hold LMB to draw. Release LMB to loose.

Press R to equip your sword; Z to put it back; TAB to change weapons.

If the weapon is bugged, sheath and then draw it.

To swing; press/hold Left Mouse Button, drag left/right, then up/down to adjust your swing.

Hold Right Mouse Button to defend from the 'Longpoint' stance. Good for defense against low attacks.

Hold Q / E to transition to 'Ochs'. Good for defense against mid-high attacks.

Some 'secret' swings are hidden in transitions between stances. Play with it to figure them out :)


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